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Edulibano is a cultural entity with a mission to increase the level of culture amongst the Lebanese youth through cultural, educational and fun activities at schools and universities, locally and abroad.

Edulibano fulfills its mission through the following services:

  • Extracurricular language and culture educational programs at schools and universities where Edulibano manages Spanish and Italian language and culture classes for students and staff alike.
  • Academic trips to Italy and Spain to immerse the students in every aspect of the respective culture.
  • Conferences and training for teachers in order to keep them updated on the most recent teaching methods and international curriculum, in addition to honing their skills for guaranteed quality output.


Thanks to a close collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institute and the Embassy of Spain to Lebanon, Edulingua in Italy and Colegio de EspaƱa in Spain, Edulibano has become the pioneer in providing the highest quality linguistic and cultural education in Lebanon for students to develop a strong sense of responsibility and openness that will imminently prepare them for personal and professional success in a global setting.

Furthermore, Edulibano organizes and manages Italian and Spanish activities and events in conjunction with the Italian Cultural Institute and the Embassy of Spain. These activities create a strong network amongst the participants and form important links with like-minded people to collaborate in the future.

Edulibano is proud to call more than 25 local schools and universities, family.